DDC – Drugs and Driving Committee

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The Drugs and Driving Committee (DDC) is a committee within the professional organization of The Canadian Society of Forensic Science. The role of the DDC is to act as an advisory body to the Department of Justice with respect to issues of drug impaired driving.  The group is comprised of Forensic Toxicologists and other subject matter experts from across Canada.

The DDC has provided input on issues including those resulting in enhanced investigative powers of police officers in drug impaired driving investigations. In July of 2008, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) and the subsequent examination using the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP) were added to the Criminal Code of Canada.

World-wide drug impaired driving laws are evolving, recognizing the impact of drugged driving on road safety. Drug impaired driving is a contributing factor to many collisions, serious injuries and deaths.  Many countries have implemented point-of-contact (roadside) oral fluid screening for abused/impairing drugs and/or set legal limits/zero tolerance for drugs that are deleterious to safe road conditions.  Current areas of DDC focus include oral fluid screening devices, and assessing zero tolerance/legal limits for selected drugs.

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Committee Members:

D’Arcy Smith, RCMP
Amy Peaire, Centre of Forensic Sciences (Chair)
Doug Beirness, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Edith Viel, LSJML
Heather Copley, RCMP
Karen Woodall, University of Toronto Mississauga (Adjunct Member)