Odontologists (forensic dentists) are highly experienced, specially trained dentists who help to identify unknown remains and bite marks to a specific individual.

Bones and teeth are the most durable parts of the human anatomy and in many cases may be the only identifiable remains. This is when forensic odontologists are called in to make comparative identification of a person. When law enforcement finds unidentified human remains such as teeth, this critical piece of evidence may be the only resource that can be used to compare dental records of known missing persons to determine the person’s identify.

Forensic Odontologists also determine the source of bite mark injuries, often in cases of assault or abuse.

In instances where there is a death involved, a forensic odontologist attends the autopsy and takes photographs, cranial measurements, dental impressions and x-rays from the remains. These samples are then compared to those of known missing persons. If a match is made, the person can then be identified.