General Membership Information

Individuals who have an “active interest” in forensic science are eligible to be members of the CSFS. An individual with an “active interest” is normally interpreted as being someone working in the field or a student whose area of study includes a forensic component.

There are six types of membership in the Society: Regular, Fellow, Emeritus, Provisional, Associate and Student. For purposes of the by-laws, Regular members include both Fellows and Emeritus members. Provisional members are new members to the CSFS. All CSFS members, with the exception of Student members, begin as Provisional members. They remain Provisional members for one year after acceptance into the Society. At that time they are eligible for promotion to Regular or Associate members. Please note that the application deadline for consideration at that year’s AGM is April 15th of that year. Any applications received after this date will be put forward to the AGM in the next year.

Student members must be registered in a post-secondary educational institution. While they remain students they are eligible for Student membership in the Society.

Associate Membership in the society shall be open to individuals involved in the field of forensic science who do not qualify for regular membership and who have exhibited the qualities of integrity and good moral character.

Membership rights of Provisional, Associate and Students members are limited; although they can participate in committees and attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) they have no voting rights. Emeritus members are Regular members who have retired from active participation in forensic science but who retain an interest in the field. In order to become an Emeritus member, the candidate must demonstrate that he/she has contributed significantly to forensic science or to the CSFS. Emeritus membership is not automatic on retirement; it must have been earned. Candidates for Emeritus membership may be suggested by a Society member or may themselves request a change in status. Candidates for Emeritus membership are considered by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors. The Board determines if an individual will become an Emeritus member.

Fellows of the Society are Regular members who have fulfilled a number of requirements. Individuals seeking Fellowship must apply and provide documentation that they have fulfilled all requirements. The Membership Committee is responsible for determining that all requirements have been met. This information goes to the Board of Directors in the Membership Committee’s report.

Most members of the CSFS are Regular members. They are entitled to serve on committees and vote at all AGMs.

Annual dues for members are as follows:

  • Student Membership: $50/year
  • Associate, Provisional and Regular Members: $125/year
  • Emeritus: Waived fee