In Canada, in addition to government labs, there are private forensic laboratories. Here is some information on those companies.

* BCIT Forensic DNA Laboratory

The BCIT Forensic DNA Laboratory, founded in 1999 is an important part of the Institute’s Forensic Science and Technology Department, home to the most comprehensive forensic investigative programs in the country.

Our scientists are not only recognized forensic DNA experts, but also dedicated educators who enhance experiential learning activities with examples from their extensive casework experience.
The laboratory, accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, has handled a significant range of challenging forensic casework, ranging from unidentified human remains cases with highly degraded samples to complex sample mixtures with minimal DNA present. Using instrumentation and techniques at the forefront of forensic science, the laboratory contributes to vital humanitarian and criminal work that is integral to the social prosperity of our local, national, and international communities.

The BCIT Forensic DNA Laboratory offers a range of nuclear DNA testing options, using modern STR technologies, for the analysis, comparison, and interpretation of forensic evidence.

The BCIT Forensic DNA Laboratory is able to perform:
• Biological screening for the presence of blood, semen or saliva.
• Crime scene and known reference sample typing.
• Unidentified human remains and known reference sample typing.
• Complex mixture deconvolutions.
• Kinship analysis
• Casework consultation.
• Expert witness testimony.
• Customized training workshops.

Visit their website for more information. BCIT Forensic DNA Lab

* Bureau Veritas

The DNA Lab is a division of Bureau Veritas that has conducted human and animal DNA testing since 1998 in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. In 2000, The DNA Lab became the first laboratory in Canada to be accredited under the forensic testing guidelines of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), and undergoes reassessment every two years. It was also the first accredited DNA laboratory authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to carry out DNA tests for immigration purposes.

Since 2001, the DNA Lab has been the sole provider of forensic DNA testing services to the RCMP National Forensic Laboratory System and has worked with over 350 law enforcement agencies across Canada. The laboratory uses state-of-the-art PCR-based technology and facilities to conduct DNA testing that meets or exceeds the international standards required of forensic laboratories for criminal casework analysis. In addition, laboratory staff have more than 119 cumulative years of experience in forensic biology/DNA analysis, and our scientists are often called as expert witnesses in court cases.

Our analyses have been used for:

  • Criminal investigations such as homicides, sexual assaults, break and enters, arson, missing person investigations, cold cases with mass DNA profiling of known samples and coroner/medical examiner investigations.
  • Corporate forensic investigations such as threatening mail, accident reconstruction (both workplace and vehicle), product tampering, contamination of foodstuffs, fraudulent claims/acts (medical and theft) and other miscellaneous investigations (e.g., workplace sexual assault, drug investigations/offences, occupational health concerns, sabotage and QA queries).
  • Independent testing as requested by the Defense Counsel for criminal matters originally processed by public forensic laboratories.
  • DNA analysis for issues of questioned paternity and/or maternity, immigration eligibility and estate settlements for Provincial support agencies, Child Protection agencies, legal and medical professionals, corporations and private citizens.
  • Our animal DNA department offers legal testing services for a number of applications such as:
    • Identity confirmation of tested blood sample (i.e. racing)
    • Confirmation of identity for insured livestock should identity no longer be possible via tattoo

Visit their websites for more information. Bureau Veritas or The DNA Lab .

* Wyndham Forensic Group (Wfg)

Wyndham Forensic Group (Wfg) is a privately-owned, international-specialized, forensic services company providing testing and support. Incorporated in 2009, it is majority-owned and operated by forensic scientists with extensive experience in the delivery and management of forensic biology, DNA testing, and capacity-building services in both the public and private sectors.

Our testing laboratory is accredited to the established ISO/IEC:17025 international standard by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and our experts have cumulative experience of over 80 years in the management and delivery of forensic science services. With experience in genetic genealogy, bloodstain pattern interpretation, forensic biology, DNA disciplines, data banking and training and capacity building, we provide a one-stop-shop service to our clients. Our scientists coordinate and support all aspects of testing, from pre-submission consultations and development of testing strategies to delivery of reports and post-analysis explanations of what the results mean and don’t mean. We work closely with university research and teaching programs, giving our clients access to the best science and most current technologies available. Wfg has supported police, prosecutors and defence counsel in some of the most challenging investigations and high-profile trials in Canada, and we manage forensic training and development projects around the world.

Visit their website for more information. Wyndham Forensic Group

Disclaimer: Please note, listing of private forensic laboratories are for information and/or educational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement of their services.