Bylaws are the most important documents of the organization. These are the organization’s operating manual. Bylaws determine the type of members the organization has as well as democratic powers residing in the membership and authority power residing with the board and committee members.

The CSFS Bylaws define:

  • Size of the board and how it will function
  • Roles and duties of directors and officers
  • Rules and procedures for holding meetings, electing directors, and appointing officers
  • Conflict of interest policies and procedures
  • How grant monies will be distributed
  • Other essential corporate governance matters

CSFS Bylaws – English 2021

Policy Manual

The CSFS was founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1963. The business of the Society, which is governed by the By-laws, is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors assisted by several Committees, which report to the Board. The By-laws govern the organization of the Society as a Membership Corporation. A Board of Directors manages the Society. Officers from the Board of Directors form an Executive Committee which manages the operating of the business of the Society, in conjunction with Standing Committees. Special committees and Sections represent the various forensic disciplines found within Forensic Science and in the Society. The head office is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The fiscal year is the calendar year. The organization year, when election terms for the Board of Directors run, is from July 1st to the following June 30th.

Many necessary activities and practices are not explicitly mentioned in the By-laws. As Board and Committee members change, there are often questions about common practices, current policies, position responsibilities, and committee functions. The Policy Manual collects the pertinent information in a format which will be accessible to all interested members, and which can be readily revised to remain up to date. This manual serves as a guide to ensure that continuity of operations is maintained over the years, as the principals in the Society change.

The policy manual was revised in July 2023.