The mission of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science is to promote the study, raise the standards and enhance the stature of forensic science as a distinct discipline, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for this purpose:

  • to see, receive, marshall, assess, record, report and disseminate information emanating from forensic and associated studies;
  • to conduct or assist in the conduct of research into forensic matters, techniques, procedures and practices and to establish or assist in the establishment of facilities therefore;
  • to promote and encourage the discussion at public level or otherwise of forensic intelligence;
  • to sponsor or publish a journal, periodicals and other literature from time to time pertaining to forensic science;
  • to provide assistance, financial or otherwise, for programmes of lay or professional education in forensic science and associated studies;
  • to establish, underwrite, sponsor, support or assist in the establishment, sponsorship or support, under appropriate auspices and affiliation, of scholarships, fellowships and chairs in forensic science and associated studies;
  • to solicit, receive and administer money by government grants, gifts, bequests and donations of property, real and personal.