Meet new people, share ideas and get involved! All for $40 per year!

Student Membership is available to students who are studying an under-graduate qualification in forensic science, a related discipline, a masters or PhD program and want to add value to their studies. It provides students with opportunities for professional development, networking, awards and recognition as well as personal contact with the most up-to-date, talented forensic specialists in the world though conferences, workshops and seminars. Applicants are not expected to have any occupational experience to be eligible for Student Membership.

Student Membership in the Society entitles you to a wide range of benefits:

  • On-line subscription to the CSFS Journal – a prestigious quarterly publication showcasing articles from top international forensic experts.
  • Access to the Forum newsletter – an informal bi-annual newsletter featuring current news from the Society and its members.
  • Attendance at the CSFS Conference and Workshops at reduced member rates.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development.
  • Eligibility for Prestigious Awards.
  • Up-to-date information relating to the field of forensic sciences.
  • Personal contact with forensic specialists.
  • Regular job postings on the CSFS website.
  • Opportunities to develop interpersonal, professional and public presentation

Upon graduation, the CSFS grants a once year grace period to find employment in a forensic field.  Once the grace period ends, one must reapply to upgrade to regular membership.

Here’s how you start:

  • Complete the online application form. Full details of the application requirements can be found on the form.
  • Provide proof of registration at a post-secondary learning institution, confirmation of a course of study and up-to-date CV.

Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee and their report(s) is/are submitted to the Board of Directors.  Applications are collected on December 15th and April 15th by the Membership Committee.  New student members are accepted at that approval time and advised accordingly.  An annual report is made on general membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) indicating who has been approved throughout the year and who is to be voted on at the AGM.

CSFS Education Award

To promote the field of forensic science, the Canadian Society of Forensic Science offers an annual award of $700.00 to deserving university undergraduates or graduate students who are pursuing training in one of the areas of forensic science.

To apply, fill out the application below and e-mail to csfs @  Application must be submitted by December 15th and April 15th and will be reviewed by the CSFS Awards Committee.

Graduate Award Application

Undergrad Award Application