Bringing together all forensic disciplines in Canada

The Canadian Society of Forensic Science (CSFS) is a non-profit professional organization incorporated to maintain professional standards, and to promote the study and enhance the stature of forensic science as a distinct discipline. Membership in the society is open internationally to professionals with an active interest in the forensic sciences.

The Society is organized into sections representing diverse areas of forensic examination: Anthropology, Medical, Odontology, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Engineering, Firearms and Toxicology.

Forensic scientists are routinely involved in investigations of crimes against persons and property, such as homicides, assaults, arson, impaired driving and fraud. Forensic scientists also appear regularly in criminal and civil proceedings and coroner’s inquests to give opinion evidence relating to forensic examinations. In criminal law, forensics science can help prove the guilt or innocence of the defendant. In civil actions, forensics can help resolve a broad spectrum of legal issues through the identification, analysis and evaluation of physical evidence. Special committees of the CSFS address educational, scientific, and legal issues within forensic science and act as advisory bodies to provincial and federal justice ministries.