Webinar – Four years of legal cannabis: Legal challenges and new case law

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Panel Members:

Dr. Nathalie Desrosiers (moderator, RCMP), Joanna Wells (Justice Canada), Robert Palser (Alberta Crown Prosecution Service), Dallas Mack (Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General), Bill Gorman (Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service), Dr. Karen Woodall (University of Toronto Mississauga)

It’s been four years since the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Our community has questions surrounding this change from both the legal and scientific perspective. Together, a panel of legal experts, representatives from Justice Canada, and the scientific community will address this new and evolving topic. They will discuss how the legal landscape changed, what legal challenges have been brought forward, and what case law has been put in place in the last 4 years. They will also explore the implications of these legal changes and challenges on the forensic science community.