• Blood, Making an Impact – NSERC Video Contest

      A few weeks ago, Amanda Orr & Sumiko Polacco from the lab at Trent University entered a video into NSERC’s Science, Action! Contest. They have made it to the public voting round, and need your views to move to the next stage! Please take a (literal) minute to watch our video and help them win! […]

    • First Forensic Scientist – Inspector Vance by Eve Lazarus

      Read about the the first forensic scientist, Inspector Vance.  Eve Lazarus who has written a book about the beginning of forensic science and specifically Inspector Vance, has written a blog exclusively for the CSFS, regarding how she came across this fascinating piece of forensic history. Inspector Vance – the first forensic scientist

    • Document Examiners are more than handwriting experts

      Author’s credit:  Tobin Tanaka A document examiner is often thought to be a “handwriting expert”, this is only partially true as other examinations are conducted as needed in disputed document cases. These other examinations may reveal: the probable source of the document (printer, writer, physical location where prepared), connections or nexus to other documents, if […]

    • Entomology – A Primer

      Entomology is the study of insects so forensic (or medico-legal) entomology is the study of the insects associated with a dead body, primarily in order to estimate the length of time that the insects have been colonizing the body and so infer the minimum elapsed time since death. For example, if the insects have been […]


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