CSFS 2020 Conference

Canadian Society of Forensic Science 2020 Conference

The Canadian Society of Forensic Science is proud to announce that Ontario Tech University (formerly the University of Ontario Institute of Technology) will be the host of the CSFS 2020 Conference. Located in Oshawa, Ontario, Ontario Tech is an innovative, technology focused institution that is home to one of only two FEPAC accredited forensic science programs in Canada.

The CSFS 2020 Conference represents Canada’s foremost meeting in the field of Forensic Sciences, and together with Ontario Tech, the CSFS is excited to acknowledge the past and present of forensic science in Canada, and explore the future of the field with the conference theme: Forensic Science in Canada: An Evolving Community.

The conference will be held from May 11th to May 15th, 2020.

For more details please see the conference website found here: CSFS 2020 Website

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