Pamela Dixon

Forensic Science in Canada has quite a history.  We are very fortunate to also have a small enough community that we can establish connections and support each other as Forensic Science advancements continue to move forward.  We celebrate a successful CSFS conference in June and can use the next months or years to build on that great work!  We must always be willing to embrace self-reflection.  That allows us to discern the journey of forensic science in Canada and celebrate all of our successes.  We can also learn from the challenges found here in Canada and around the world.  As we learn, we can look find great opportunity of collaboration, be that between university and laboratories, policing agencies and experts or the CSFS and its members.  The key for the CSFS is to continue to grow, mature and evolve as we reflect.  I look forward to the year ahead and hope the whole membership is eager to journey with us.